Life & Facilities in Aegina

Aegina is not only an island of summer resort it is an island with cultural life (art exhibitions, etc) and infrastructure that overpasses this of most of the Aegean islands.

The harbor and the marina for yachts are in front of the town with coffees and taverns on the seashore offering deliciously cooked international specialties and of course fresh fish.

A big chain of super markets offer all standard foodstuffs as well as delicatessen either oriental (pasturma) or international (French cheese, caviar, etc.) Also a big variety of wines, beers, whiskies, etc is on the shelves. All the above compete the Athenian market in price and quality.

These are free beaches near the town and all around the island as where you can enjoy the sea, the sand and the sun. Basic facilities as lying benches, umbrellas and few refreshment are offered in most of them. Three open-air cinemas show mostly English speaking films.

During July and August the Epidaurus festival gives performances of ancient Greek tragedies in Greek or English. You may easily attend one of them by taking part in one of the groups that leave Aegina in the afternoon pass to Epidaurus port by motor ships and then by shuttle they arrive at the theatre and they are back at Aegina late at night. Honestly, do not miss this opportunity you will remember it for ever, the whole trip is fantastic.

Aegina was firstly inhabited in 5000bc and since then remains an island with glorious civilization. An important archeological museum as well as the temple of Afaia and other ancient temples are very interesting.

Auto cars, motorcycles and bikes are available to hire. Also taxis and sea taxis, motorboats, etc, can take you anywhere in the island and the surrounding areas and islands. Finally apart from the national Fast Aids Station and the small hospital there are private doctors of most faculties.

As mentioned before, Aegina is only 1 ½ hours away from the center of Athens. There are speedy boats every hour from Aegina to Piraeus and back and they start early in the morning up to late in the evening so a one day visit to Athens is possible.

There is a direct subway line from Piraeus in Athens that takes only 15-20 minutes.